Monday, 25 February 2013

#PottyWatch Day 1

We tried Potty Training a few months back as Isabelle was showing all the signs of being ready. Telling me when she needed to have number 1's and number 2's and wanting to be changed as soon as the deed was done. Unfortunately due to illness we had to give up at that point.

So I've taken this week off work so that we can camp out at home and be at the ready for catching those wee's and poo's.

We've chatted about it over the past week so it wouldn't be so much of a shock when we started doing it. This morning started off quite positively as Daddy bought her a new red dress yesterday which she was going to wear with her matching red Minnie Mouse Knickers.

Her usual morning routine is to have her milk and then she normally does an enormous wee, so I was prepared for this and played on the floor so that at the given time she could be quickly deposited onto the potty. She attempted several times to put on a pair of pull-up pants so in the end we had to hide these away.

I've been like a stuck record today with the repeated tune of "Do you need a wee-wee?" met by the predictable "NO".

The BIG wee happened by the play kitchen whilst she looked down to watch it trickle all over the floor. This was followed by lots of tears and tantrums as the red dress was sodden and had to be taken off. However, this was the one and only wee accident of the day.

I should  be pleased, but I fear that this lack of accidents was because she was holding it in.

After a much needed nap she was raring to go and I didn't have a battle with her wanting to put a pull-up back on.

Daddy got home from work and she was all excited telling him about her wee's on the potty. That was when I noticed the lump!

She had done a number 2 in her pants. I know that this is going to be an issue for a while as she's quite conscious about doing them in her nappy let alone in a potty. After scooping the said mess into a nappy bag which in hindsight I could have just emptied into the toilet we were set to go again.

Cue the First Funny Story - We were playing and I stood in something which turned out to be a little stray poo which must have escaped. So I'm now known as "Poo-Foot".



Emma x said...

Lol fab post. I am going to facing this soon with my little one as he nearing potty training time. Dreading the poo! x

Lisa said...

The first few days are the worst. Once they get the hang of it, it becomes the natural thing to do. We're at tears and tantrums stage, but I know once she's done it a few times she will be fine x

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